Smart Home

Smart Home

Control Your Bismarck or Mandan, ND Home

GreenLight Systems' expertise in designing and programming simple, intuitive systems that integrate climate, lighting, sound, video and security affords you total control of your home from a single wireless or in-wall touch panel.

This inspired home automation approach eliminates clutter, mismatched wall switches and multiple remotes and allows control of your home systems with a single device. GreenLight Systems of Bismarck and Mandan, ND incorporates all these functions into a personalized, intuitive touchpad device that you and your guests will be able to operate with ease.

Our advanced Smarthome control systems provide management of your entire household from one or more touch panels. Adjust lighting, house music, thermostat, entertainment, security, hot tub temperature, messaging and more through one easy-to-use graphic user interface. Check email, surf the Web and view photos on panels or your personal devices throughout your home. You can even view your vacation home from your primary residence or mobile device.

Whether you are monitoring your properties and assets from your mobile device or simply controlling the lighting and shades in your master suite, GreenLight Systems creates a user application that always works and looks the same – from any location. Streamline and simplify all the technologies in your home to enjoy the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience.